Weekly Wins: Still Summer

At least three victories and triumphs of the previous week or so.

Paramount or minuscule, a win’s a win!

  • Summertime‘s been stretched into late September by gorgeous weather. Janis wishfully claims that, «child, the living is easy.»*&** This week, we Jews headed into year 5778 and the Autumnal Equinox struck summer a silent blow. While the temperatures still soared, I gave my skimpiest dresses a last airing.
  • Several recent friend-sightings have reminded me that art and talent are abound in my life. My dear Dasha, the dancer, visited; then, I hung out with Shamecca, the soulful writer. And just the other night, I attended the amazing Ama BE‘s solo performance at Le Petit Versailles, a charming community garden and art space in the LES. There she be, see below. A double, no, triple winTo be continued. 
  • Before the cold and wind of fall do it for me, I closed out swimming season with a magnificent beach day nine. The water was cool and clear, waveless and smooth, sunlight glittered in its ripples, and three little girls turned cartwheels on the sand, one more nimble than the next. “Sun… shining, weather… sweet,” it was (if momentarily) still summer.
  • The spectacular Andra Day caught my ear and eye over a year ago. I’ve yet to see her live, but thanks to the Digital Age, I could be there virtually. In characteristically fine form, she began her set at the Global Citizen Festival with an inspired version of Strange Fruit, dedicated to victims of lynching to this day.  She then moved her audience to Rise Up.

Asterisks & Asides

* That’s not the case for parts of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and of course, Dominica, Barbuda, and Puerto Rico, which were ripped apart and drenched by tropical storms. My heart is with the people there and those displaced.

** I am well aware of this song’s roots. Written by a Jewish man for a musical about black struggle, performed by all the greats and then some, Janis does it so much justice. This is the version that became my summer anthem more than twenty years ago.



3 Replies to “Weekly Wins: Still Summer”

  1. Thank you for counting me in your WIN.. You being there was a huge WIN for me… for oh so many reasons. Keep counting and writing… (and snapping gorgeous photos…. the beach shots though…. ❤ )

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